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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                   2J

mill at the foot with a vast supply of water, and
the variety of timber that clothes the hill and vale
are additional beauties. I thought the country
much improved in look.

XTth. Incessant rains prevented my going to
Maupertz's, the elegant garden of the Marquis de
Montesquieu F6zenac, the abbey of Formoutiers
and other places. I passed this wet day in
strolling about the abbey and in recalling past

12th. Set out on my return. Came to an
estate left by Monsieur d'Arvelay to young Laborde
at Choisy, a grand place. I found him with his
father, Count Mercy, the Imperial ambassador,
and Mademoiselle Le Vasseur, his chere amie, just
coming out shooting. I joined them, and we
five in a line, with each a loader and five attend-
ants to hand the guns, proceeded regularly from
one end of a vast plain of stubble and pasture;
whilst a long line of peasants on each side, and
between each shooter, beat up and chased the
game before us. Behind each shooter were an ass
and panniers, or a peasant with a hotte, to carry
the game.

November yd. We settled in a house I had
taken at Chaillot, on the Quai de la Conference.

Dined at Laborde's; met Monsieur d'Yvernois,